Customer Testimonials

Kwik Kar-122_HDR

Came in this morning and got oil changes on two cars. Also asked you to check out the brake pads on my truck. Junior called to tell me the mechanic checked out my brakes and they did not need service at this time. Very refreshing to deal with a repair business with the integrity to not sell me something I don’t need. You have earned my trust and my business.Kelly A.

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks and to let you know what an awesome staff you have there. Twice I have had an issue with our vehicles. Each time I brought it in to have someone look at the vehicles and let me know what was up. Both times Allen assisted me. Each time he looked it over and gave me an assessment, at no charge! He demonstrated what a true service station is all about. Thank you for all your team does there. Your station is our FIRST CHOICE when anything needs service on our cars.

Jikke L.

I was at your store on Saturday, June 5, 2010 about 2:30 p.m. I spoke to you (Steve). I was one of the guys that was driving to Colorado and the other was driving to Florida. We had discussed checking the spare tire on the truck. I drive a 2008 Black F-150. While leaving Ft. Worth we had a flat tire. I cannot say enough how much I appreciated that I knew, the spare tire was in good shape after visiting your store. We were able to continue to drive to Amarillo that night, and bought four new tires in the morning. Thank you for the full and wonderful service. I look forward to bringing my truck back to you.Thank you,Bob L.

“You provide service to our other 3 vehicles and are very conveniently located to our house. Of course, Mercedes makes it sound like they are the only people who know how to service a Mercedes LOL. I will try to bring it in Saturday morning.
Jennifer S”

“I live in Midlothian, but have had my oil changed here. I really like the friendliness and customer service.
Thank you for your time,
Leigh F”

“Thank you for the prompt fix of Old Blue. Sorry I didn’t call to let you know I was unable to get to you yesterday. Too busy! Wish you & yours a Happy Thanksgiving! See ya in couple of weeks. 🙂
Juan S”

“There are literally four places to get my oil changed within three miles of my house – one of them another Kwik Kar less than a mile away. I drive 11 miles to this location off Broad, because I know my service will be handled honestly, and I won’t be recommended any service I don’t need. Thank you for being an honest and ethical company – you know how to do business!
Haley L”

“You service our three cars. We have talked a few times, and you seem to be the kind of person I want to do business with. According to Sewell Lexus we need brakes. I live very close to your shop and trust you to fix my wife’s car. Sewell’s price is way too high & I can get good brakes from you.
Everette C”